Top 5 Places to Eat in Amsterdam

We don’t know about y’all, but chile we LOVE to eat. It’s the first thing on our list for planning before we get into a new city (well we look for flights and hotels first but you know what we mean).  We had a full list of over 40 restaurants with only 7 days in Amsterdam…not without trying, obviously we didn’t make it to all the restaurants on the list. We wanted to share with you 5 of our favorite restaurant eats, and 2 snack stands that are well worth a visit!

1. The Butcher 

This is one of the best burger/fries you’ll get in the city, in our opinion of course. There are several located around the city and they are open until 2am which is absolutely perfect for a late night snack in the summertime (the days are really long and the sun doesn’t set until 9pm). This was our favorite stop before heading back to the hotel for some fries and delicious sauce options. We are fry girls through and through so to us there’s nothing better than a good fry/sauce pairing. 

2. The Pancake Bakery 

Alright, so we walked 2miles in the cold rain in our chacos for this one (thought our toes might literally fall off). And let me tell you, it WAS WORTH IT. 100%. This tiny restaurant is located around the corner from the Anne Frank House. If you’ve done your research on food in Amsterdam, one of the things on every list are Poffertjes. While we still have no idea how to pronounce that properly… we highly suggest you try some of these cute tiny dutch pancakes. There are several ways you can get them dressed and they are perfect no matter what way you have them! Something else they serve here is hot chocolate! Whether you are traveling during the winter or on a chilly summer day, this is some of the richest most delicious hot chocolate you’ll ever have. It warmed us up in a hurry! 

3. The Chicken Bar

One of the ways we find good eats while traveling is looking up tags on Instagram. That is exactly where we found the Chicken Bar. It is just a few steps from the iconic fry shop Vleminckx and they sell their fries to accompany the chicken dishes. Now this place literally only sells chicken (hence the name). They have chicken tacos, roasted chicken by the half or whole, chicken wings, you name it! And it is all beautifully seasoned and delicious. We actually hit this spot twice while there, and we were served by the same waitress both times. Definitely a cute place to get a quick bite and a beer. 

4. Foodhallen

If you are looking for a place to go on a Friday or Saturday evening, this is the spot to go to. Foodhallen is a little off the beaten path in a southwestern area of the city, but well worth the trek. I wouldn’t recommend walking (it’s a 3 mile journey from the city center which we accidentally took the first time going), but it’s really easy to hop on a metro or tram to get there. Foodhallen most resembles a food court but with WAY better food options. There are 21 different gourmet food stands to choose from as well as a fully stocked bar. Head here with your friends and relax in the chic, foodie atmosphere. There are plenty of plates to share and taste so try as many stands as you can before you have to roll yourself home. 

5. Sir Hummus

This was the best hummus we had ever eaten. We were staying in the De Pijp area, and coincidentally walked by this place 5 times before we realized how close it was to us. I wish we had found it before our last day because we didn’t get to fully enjoy the selection of hummus they have. We chose one bowl with added pita bread and it was insanely delicious. If you love hummus and are staying in the De Pjip area (even if you aren’t staying in that area) we highly recommend you checking out Sir Hummus before leaving Amsterdam. 

Last but not least, obviously we did stop at a couple of places for some tasty snacks!! For starters, you cannot leave Amsterdam without having a Stroopwafel from the original Stroopwafel stand in the Albert Cuyp Market. There generally is a queue, but please wait in line because it moves quickly and you won’t regret it. The Stroopwafels are warm and steamy, made right in front of you and filled with a very sweet caramel spread. It’s a MUST.

Like we said before, fries give us life. Naturally the very first place we went to in Amsterdam was Vleminckx. It is one of the most famous fry stands in the city and you’ve got to try it. They have 3 different vats of oil that they fry in to ensure that every fry comes out perfectly. The fries are lightly salted and coated in whatever sauce you choose from their menu. We recommend the mayonnaise (I know for Americans that sounds weird, but don’t knock it til you try it!).

Let us know if you have any questions regarding how we found these restaurants! We’d love to hear about your experiences in Amsterdam, especially if you check out any of these spots.