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Packing for Disney

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So everyone knows that packing can be a real chore. For me, I love to pack because it means the beginning of a vacation. Usually I tend to pack the night before departure because I’m an advocate for procrastination, but lately that’s not the case. Since now I don’t pack for just myself… it’s pretty important to start a little earlier. Does anyone else pack for their spouse?.. No?..Just me? Maybe I have a bit of OCD and everything needs to be done just so, but then again I’ve never been charged for overweight luggage and hate checking bags. Let’s talk about our packing essentials for Disney. 


I really cannot stress enough how important it is to have FOUR WHEEL LUGGAGE!! Maybe, we are a little late to the game and everyone else already has upgraded to four wheel suitcases but regardless it’s important. For us, we just invested in a brand we have been watching for a couple years. Luckily for us Away Luggage had a 50% of sale in September and we were able to buy four pieces of luggage (2 bigger carryons, the everywhere bag, and the backpack). We specifically chose to have the battery included because having two extra FREE external battery packs is really helpful for keeping all of our electronics charged. Not only did we get new suitcases, but we also caved and decided to get packing cubes. Prior to now, I’ve always felt like packing cubes were literally a waste of space and time. But, to be honest, with these particular suitcases, because they have what is similar to a “compression sleeve” that presses down on clothes side of the suitcase packing cubes make things that much easier. We opted to buy the away packing cubes because we knew for sure they would fit perfectly in the suitcase. They come in a pack of four of varying sizes to make it easy to pack pants/jeans in one, tshirts in another, workout gear (if you use it) in the third and underwear and socks in the smallest. 


Let’s talk a little about what’s going in these fancy suitcases. Quick disclaimer: don’t judge our wardrobe choices because we are by no means fashionistas (although we wish we were). We’ve had to carefully choose what it is we are going to pack in terms of clothes and shoes. This is a quick visit – four days – so we really want to make sure not to over pack, but also this is Disney which literally means miles and miles of walking every single day. Clothing and shoe choices will be pivotal to how magical this experience will be. 

For Alexis: I wanted to be cute (because usually I look pretty bummy) and comfortable. Now, this combination is hard to come by, but for me this means jeans, joggers, t-shirts and vans. Obviously we had to get t-shirts made for the occasion. Ours were made by a special friend (comment below for more info on our shirt connect). This is going to be TMI so don’t judge, but the most important part of a wardrobe when you are walking all day long is underwear. Especially for women. I’ll let you in on a little secret and it’s one that I’ve used with several different trips as you’ll see if you continue following our blog. MEN’S ATHLETIC UNDERWEAR. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. Being petite and a woman with larger thighs, chaffing is a thing and it is a horrible thing. The majority of my pants have a much longer inseam than I actually have because of my height which means that no matter what kind of pants I wear (unless they are leggings or cycling shorts) my thighs rub together. I ain’t down with that. So, as much as I can, I choose to wear men’s athletic briefs (tech material not cotton because cotton does not sweat well) – my favorites happen to be Under Armour. They aren’t cute, and they aren’t a fashion statement and they have a weird pouch in the front that I obviously don’t fill, but they keep my thighs from rubbing together and I have never experienced chaffing. Don’t judge me!!

For Asia: Asia decided against jeans and elected for cute leggings and joggers as well. For both of us our favorite place to shop for pants is American Eagle. She also chose a pair of leggings from Athleta. For shoes, she is sticking with a long time classic, Filas. Can’t wait to show off our shirts while we’re at the parks! 


We all have certain toiletries that we take on every trip no matter what, but each trip does require one or two essential items that you wouldn’t take every where. Since this is our first trip during a pandemic, we’ve decided to pick up some extra travel sized hand sanitizer along with baby wipes for messes that hand sanitizer won’t clean. Even though it is the fall and we are rolling in to winter, it’s still Florida so we’ll also be packing a small tube of sunscreen just to apply to our faces for those sunny days. Essential for this trip is our body glide, we picked up one the one specifically for women just to make absolutely sure that chaffing is not a thing. If chaffing crops up in the first day of this trip… Disney will be a not so magical place. Moleskin will also be present in our bags to help with hotspots and blisters as soon as they feel like they will be happening. We’ve needed this for a while, but we also just picked up a Tide to go pen because it’s likely that Asia will spill something on her shirt. On top of all this we will have our normal toiletries. We’ll make a blog a little later that contains all our travel essentials. 


Now for the miscellaneous items. This time there are a few. For starters, we needed a mask that we could wear all day long, sweat in, and be comfortable on a plane. That meant spending a little extra on a really nice mask. We chose to go with the Under Armour sports mask. (We got them on sale 2 for $40). It comes in several different colors and also has sizing requiring you to measure from the bridge of your nose to the middle of your ear to ensure the perfect fit. So far it has been the only mask I have found that fits, and fits well. It isn’t pressed against our faces so we suck it in every time we breathe, it also is light around the ears so it doesn’t feel like it is tugging on our ears all day. 

I felt it necessary to go ahead and purchase what I would call a “travel wallet”. It is much smaller than what I normally carry – only holding two cards and my id, but it’s really handy for a place like Disney because I won’t need anymore than that. My chosen wallet was one from Thread Wallets. It’s a cute vertical wallet that can attach to several different accessories that the company also sells. Lucky for me, I got this on sale as well at 50% off. I’m seeing a trend here…

Arguably the most important miscellaneous object to pack for Disney is a small daypack to carry through the parks. If you don’t have one of these anyways, get one because they come in handy on almost any trip. Mine is small enough to not be heavy and bulky, but big enough to carry a tripod, camera, snacks, and water bottle. Oh yeah, we’re bringing our Hydroflasks as well because it’s free to fill up a water bottle which will save us money on buying bottles of water. Back to the backpack, I picked this one up a couple of years ago at a Canadian outlet called Mountain Warehouse and I take it on just about every trip. Make sure that whatever pack you choose can hold a water bottle because it’s pretty annoying to have to pack that in the pack itself. 


This is literally the most important section of this blog. Snacks are everything, and while we wouldn’t normally pack snacks to bring on a trip for this it’s an absolute must. Packing a small amount of food is going to save us a ton of money while in the parks. We went for a mixture of carb heavy, junk food type snacks and healthy protein filled snacks. Got to have the best of both worlds. The plan is to only buy one meal a day which will most likely be dinner – by doing this we can splurge on that one meal and not have to worry about the amount of money we spend on it. 

For breakfast we picked up Kodiak Cake Oatmeal packets that we’ll be able to make in the morning in the hotel room using the coffee maker. 

For our midday snacks we went to Costco (another way to save money) and picked up individual packs of goldfish and trail mix. We also bought fruit bars, Made Good granola bites, and Clif Bars. There will be a lot of walking going on, so calories will be burned and we will need to replenish as best as we can! We’ll also be drinking as much water as possible. 

We’ll keep this blog updated with what worked and what didn’t! 

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