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Best Eats in Seattle and Portland

Chowder, donuts, breakfast sandwiches; these are just some of the best eats in Seattle and Portland. If you know anything about us, you know we LOVE to eat. Naturally, we ate and drank our way through the PNW and we’re here to share that with you! 

If you don’t check the menu before going… we can’t be friends. For those of you who aren’t monsters, we’ve included the link to each and every delectable menu. 

Portland Eats:

Now, we were only in Portland for 2 days so we don’t have a ton to share, but there are two places that really left an impression on us. A lot of restaurants in Portland were still carry out only, but that is supposed to be changing at the end of March. 

Breakfast is my favorite, and obviously the most important meal of the day so let’s start with that. 

Fried Egg I’m in Love.
What can we even say? This was the absolute best breakfast sandwich we have ever eaten. From the egg, to the sourdough, to the aardvark aioli and the hash bites; it was amazing to say the least. You can order one of their cutely named sandwiches, burritos or bowls and add any of the extras they have available. I suggest you add the hash bite to the sandwich… you’ll thank me later. 

We visited the Hawthorne location because the shop was adorable. We only had a carry out options, so if that’s the same for you we suggest you order online prior to pulling up and they will call you as soon as the food is ready. The Hawthorne area is cute, hip, and thrifty so feel free to walk around the area with your sandwich!! 

If you like Ramen, you definitely have to check this place out. The SE Portland location was right around the corner from our hotel (the Hoxton) and basically two steps from Voodoo Donuts (hello….dessert!). It happened to be a really good recommendation from one the employees at the hotel so we decided to give it a try. 
We had the vegan ramen option with the vegan dumplings and they were delicious. The ramen was perfectly spicy and the fried onions were a great topping option. 


Unfortunately, this was another option only available for carry out. If you have the chance to dine in, it looks like such a cool place to chill and have a sip of sake while you wait for your food to come! 

Your Tastebuds will Love Seattle

Let’s talk about Seattle. Some of the best food we’ve ever eaten. PERIODT. Seriously, fam. Eat everything in sight while you’re there. We loved so many places, we’ll have to break it down into categories. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Doughnuts? That sounds about right. Take a seat, grab a pen/paper, open your Notes.. I don’t care what you do, but write this down. 


Rubinstein’s Bagels
Bagels are god’s gift to the breakfast world. In my opinion anyways. There’s nothing better than a well done bagel. And to be honest, so far I’ve only been able to find that in NYC. Friends, this place is delightful. But they don’t only have delicious bagels… they have a fabulous Chai Tea Latte that must be tried. 
Biscuit Bitch 
As far as names go, this place literally takes the cake. Get a biscuit, bitch. 
The Belltown location is about 3/4mi from Pike’s Place so there’s no excuse for not hitting this for a little breakfast before wandering into the market. The smell of bacon smacks you right in the face as soon as you walk by this tiny shop. 

We both had your standard biscuit sandwich (we had to save ourselves for more food within the hour), but it was more than enough to realize how good the food was. But the Seattle Fog. Sis, if you like earl grey tea or english breakfast tea… this is the best variation of it you’ll find. It was as good as high tea in London. Cutting carbs where? Not on vacation fam. Get a biscuit, get some grits, and the biscuits and gravy. We won’t judge. 

Pike’s Place Market

Everyone knows farmers markets have the best food. It’s undeniable. If you didn’t know, now you do. Don’t sleep on Pike’s Place. They aren’t just throwing fish, fruits, and veggies around. They have some damn good eats. 

Like cheese? We do. Beecher’s is just a few shops down from the very first starbucks, and they make their own cheese. In the window. If you don’t love a grilled cheese or mac and cheese, you must be lactose intolerant. If that’s the case, just slip right over this one. 
Y’all. When I say the best mac and cheese I’ve ever eaten…the best. I only had enough tummy room for a small cup, but it was worth the stop. So you should stop. And if you have more space than me, treat yourself to a grilled cheese. You deserve it. Maybe we should take a probiotic before making a stop here? That one is up to you. 
Pike’s Place Chowder

I myself am not a chowder connoisseur, Asia loves a piping hot bowl of seafood stew. According to her, Pike’s Place serves up the creamiest pot. A mix of the perfect amounts of seafood and seasoning. This really hit the spot in March because we were slightly freezing. Around lunch time there tends to be a very long line, so show up before or after that 12-1 period. Just a tip!

Truffle Queen

This is the cutest place for a quick and very affordable wine tasting. We stopped by and had a little sit on the two stools the shop had to offer! The tasting offered 3 cups for each of us and we were able to choose anything from the extensive collection available. The store brings in specialty wines from all over the world, and the employees have impeccable taste. It’s 5 o clock somewhere and you’re on vacation so who really cares. 


Seafood and a view. Pretty damn good for a little lunch break. Lowell’s in located inside the market and specializes in seafood (as I said) and Bloody Mary’s. Again, perfect for a lunch break. 


There are three places on our list for a delicious dinner. One of which requires a slight drive, but it’s well worth it. Get yourself a car fam, you need it. 

Joey Bellevue

The menu is full of amazing options, but there are a few that must be talked about. First, the Real Peach Bellinis. Based on this blog so far, it might seem like we drink a lot, but I promise we don’t. But we did have two of these because it was probably one of the nicest frozen drinks we’ve ever had. The moscow mules were cute too, but get the Peach Bellini. 

Second, the truffle parmesan fries. I’ve rarely dislike fries, but these were crispy and cheesy which is all you need in a good fry. 

The lobster and shrimp ravioli was the star of the show as my favorite entree of the trip. But then again, there are so many things to choose from on the menu, so maybe go with a group and order a bunch of stuff. 


Krispy Rice 
Funny story; we happened upon this food truck on tik tok the last night we were in town…after we had already eaten a full dinner. But we had to try it (don’t judge us). Postmates said they were opening at 830pm, so we placed an order and drove on over since it was just a mile away from our hotel. Turns out postmates shouldn’t have said they were open (because they were about to pack up and leave) so the owner scrambled around a little bit, told us to cancel and get a refund and handed us all the food they had left in the cart. It was WAY too much food for us, so we shared with the hotel staff. 

I honestly was really upset that we found this right before we had to leave because the bento boxes were the Every piece of sushi should be made with crispy rice from now on, like I really don’t want it any other way. If you’re in Seattle, find this food truck – during their business hours- and try the original spicy tuna and truffle avocado. 


Hot doughnuts are the best doughnuts. Don’t argue with me because you won’t win. 


The Daily Dozen Doughnut Company 

This is a very small doughnut stand inside Pike’s Place Market. You really have to be looking for it in order to notice it. Just underneath the Public Market Center sign, passed the pig statue and around the corner to the left you’ll see it. It’s across from an italian counter and the doughnuts are fresh and hot. They offer three options, powdered, cinnamon and sugar, and frosted. You can have as many as you ask for, and they are pretty small so we think it’s best if you ask for a lot. It will satisfy any sweet tooth. 

I think we’ve saved the best for last. Another place we found at the last minute the night before we left, but it was a great find and it turns out there’s one in Houston too! Mochinut is a mix between Mochi + donuts and it makes for a super light and airy donut that has a slight crunch to the outside. When they are hot… you know how I feel about a hot donut. 
We went for the unknown and tried the Purple Rain donut that was made with Ube dough. We weren’t disappointed. They came fresh out the oven and went right into our bellies. 


Plus they have this adorable instagram worthy wall that makes for the best donut pictures. With that being said, we’re donuts about you! 

Now that we’ve eaten everything we could get our hands on, it’s time for a hike with a visit to the cascade mountains

As always, feel free to comment or shoot us an email with any questions or if you need help planning a trip send us an inquiry!