We are SO HAPPY to have you here, and so happy you are interested in following our little adventures. We aren’t fancy people, we love to eat, and we are by no means “ballin” so our travels reflect that. If you’re wanting to know how you can make travel work for your budget and your style, you’ve found just the right place. Hope you enjoy what we have to share with you! Just to speed up this process of becoming friends, feel free to follow us on social media so you can keep track of us 24/7!


Alexis is originally from Fort Wayne, IN. She moved to Houston, TX when she was 9 years old with her parents and twin sister…and has been there ever since. And no, she doesn’t own cowboys boots or listen to country music. 

Regardless of the fact that her parents told her moving back up north would be a mistake, she marched back up to the midwest and graduated from the University of Michigan – GO BLUE! Coincidentally, it’s where she met Asia so it was worth the 4 miserably cold winters. She graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and RAN back to Texas immediately, bringing Asia with her. 

After college she worked for 5 years as an Ophthalmic Assistant while decided on whether to pursue a career as a doctor. Recently, she decided to quit her job and follow her passions as a full time Travel Agent! She also works part time for a startup luggage company, Away. 

She has been traveling with her family since she was young – her dad’s family being from Trinidad and Tobago and half of mom’s family from Puerto Rico so it’s something she has always enjoyed. Travel is and always will be a part of her life, and she’s interested in showing people of this generation and the next that travel expands the mind, is good for the soul, and possible for everyone.

Her adult travels began with a study abroad trip for four weeks in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. They continued after college with hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and a two week journey through Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. From there, Asia was added to the mix, and the rest is history. 

For now she’s our travel advisor/agent, the author to our blog and the designated photographer! She is all about the DIY trip planning and would love to help anyone who wants to travel but doesn’t know how or where to begin – head over to our travel inquiry page and submit an entry. We can help! 


I’m Asia and welcome to Bonding Abroad! 

I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I received my Bachelors from the University of Michigan

I always liked the idea of travel but didn’t experience much international travel until college. Much of our family vacations consisted of Columbia, South Carolina (my mom’s family) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin (my dad’s family). 

In high school I traveled to Boston, North Carolina, Texas and Peru through our enrichment program called Project Term.  In college I studied abroad in Kenya and loved every minute of it! I always knew I wanted to travel and experience the world but really didn’t know how and what most people think “it’s too expensive to travel, especially internationally”. 

Well I met Alexis in my senior year and if anyone knows her they know this girl can’t sit still. She gets antsy if she doesn’t have a trip planned or preparing for a trip. We traveled together in the US to Chicago, New York (our favorite) and Austin (before we moved there). But our first big trip was to London and Paris (first international trip with her and her family…story for another time) and I think that it’s what really gave me the travel bug for sure. 

Almost 4 years later and a few big trips under my belt, I’ve been converted and my mindset has changed entirely. Traveling is possible and traveling internationally is even more possible. It doesn’t take a crap ton of money or the right time because honestly there is no “right time”. You either do it now or you’ll never do it. We’d love to have you join our Travel Blog family and share in our love for traveling. And if you want to travel anywhere we’d love to help you get there!